NBE-Therapeutics has obtained a granted patent for the company's core SMAC-Technology in the United States

Today, NBE-Therapeutics annouces that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently granted US Patent 9,872,923 B2. The patent entitled "Method of producing an immunoligand/payload conjugate" discloses the company's core SMAC-Technology platform for generating site-specifically conjugated antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) by means of sortase-enzyme catalysis. This granted US patent marks an important milestone in the development of the company and it is already the second core technology of NBE-Therapeutics with granted patents in major jurisdictions. In addition, the company has previously received granted patents for its antibody discovery technology platform, called Transpo-mAb Display, which NBE-Therapeutics is utilizing to develop humanized and/or fully human antibodies as a basis for NBE-Therapeutics' ADC product pipeline. The company currently has about a dozen patent families covering the company's ADC technologies and product developments, of which seven families are already published. NBE-Therapeutics pursues a professional IP strategy in order to built the foundation for future commercialization of the company's innovations and developments.



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